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1. Is my subscription free?
Yes, you only pay for the products or services you buy. Please refer to www.NB-Shopping.com/subscribe  to become a member.
2. How do I subscribe?
Please refer to www.NB-Shopping.com/subscribe and fill in the required information.
An email will be sent to you to confirm your subscription. You then need to follow the instructions in that email to be officially subscribed to  NB-Shopping.com.
3. May I modify my information in my profile?
Yes, you just need to go into 'My Profile' in the upper part of the website. You can then modify or change personal information including your email address.
4. I forgot my username and/or my password, how do I retrieve them?
Go to www.NB-Shopping.com/connection and click on 'Forgot password'. You will be asked to provide your email address.
We will then send you a message in your email box that will include the procedure to follow to get a new password.
5. How do I buy a coupon?
If the offer presented interests you, click on the button 'Buy'. You then will be asked to fill in a form. Your purchase must be completed before the offer expires - which can be viewed in the offer page.
An email will be forwarded to you to confirm your purchase. When the minimum required purchases is achieved, you will get an email confirming that the offer is valid. Only when the offer expires will you get an email with your online coupon.
If the minimum number of purchases is not obtained, the offer will simply be cancelled and you will not be invoiced.
Remember that in your 'My Profile',  you have access to the history of all your purchases, receipts and a link to print all your coupons.
6. What happens when the minimum number of purchases is not obtained before the offer expires?
If the minimum number of purchases is not obtained, the offer will be cancelled and no money will be debited from your credit card. So, if you think you have a good offer, share it with your friends - this will help to increase the chance for the offer to be valid.
7. Are the taxes and/or tips included in the coupon?
The taxes and/or tips are not included in the coupon deal, unless otherwise noted in the details of the offer.
8. Can I buy more than one coupon?
The maximum number of coupon one can buy is specified in the description of the offer. Every offer is different. Please refer to the offer.
9. May I buy a coupon and offer it as a gift?
Yes, you can buy one or many coupons to give as gifts, unless otherwise stated in the details of the offer.
10. Should I subscribe a group of people so that the offer becomes valid?
No, but to augment your chances for the offer to be valid, you can invite your friends to buy the offer by informing them of the offer either by email, by Facebook or Twitter which can be seen on the offer page.
11. How long does the offer last on NB-SHOPPING.com?
The retailer decides how long the offer last. Details will be specified in the offer.
12. When will I be able to use my coupon?
The date which you can use you coupon deals will be specified in the details of the offer. Generally, the coupon is available within 24 hours after the offer has expired. 
13. I bought a coupon, how can I use it?
See the details in the offer. Generally, you either need to make an appointment with the retailer or you can go to the retailer and specify that you have a coupon from NB-SHOPPING.com.
14. How long will I have to wait to get my coupon?
Once the transaction is completed, you will get an email with your coupon. The transaction is only completed once the offer has expired. You can refer to the details of the offer on the page.
15. If I don't use the full value of my coupon in one visit, can I use it later on during another visit?
The coupon must be used during one single visit unless specified otherwise in the details of the offer.
16. How long is my coupon valid for?
The coupon is valid for the duration specified in the details of the offer. After the expiration date of the coupon, it is still valid for the value of the purchase.
17. What happens when my coupon expires?
After the expiration date of the coupon, it is still valid for the value of the purchase which means the price paid at the purchase of the coupon.
18. What method of payment can I use with NB-SHOPPING.com?
lt is possible to pay with a credit card either Visa, MasterCard, American Express or use Paypal. Remember, you must have a Paypal account if you choose this option. We do not accept cheques, debit cards or cash.
19. Is shopping through NB-SHOPPING.com secure?
Yes, very secure. All your purchases done through NB-SHOPPING.com is secure. Your personal information will be transmitted through a security protocol of data SSL.
All of your information is not transmitted to the retailer. Only your full name, telephone number and identification code of your purchase are transmitted to the retailer in order to identify you when you retrieve your product or service.
20. Can I be reimbursed?
You can cancel your subscription to the offer before it expires. After the expiration date, there is no reimbursement.
To cancel your purchase, you just need to access 'My Profile'.
In the section: My purchases or my sent gifts, click on "Cancel" for the desired coupon.
21. Am I invoiced when I subscribe to an offer?
No, invoicing is only done once the offer has expired. You will then received a confirmation of the transaction by email with a link to retrieve your coupon.
22. What is NB-SHOPPING.com?
NB-Shopping is the perfect advertising medium for New-Brunswick’s online customers who wants to shop smart. It advertises great discounts and amazing deals on the best products and services in your county.Merchants have the opportunity to do some advertisement and so, you take advantage of fabulous deals and discounts.
23. What happens if the retailer or store which I bought a coupon closes its doors?
NB-SHOPPING.com does not offer any guarantees on the products or services offered. We invite you to consult our ''Conditions and restrictions'' section.
24. NB-SHOPPING.com is offered in which cities?
NB-SHOPPING.com is offered everywhere in New Brunswick.You will found coupon deals with great discounts!
25. How can my business join NB-SHOPPING.com?
Just consult our webpage www.NB-SHOPPING.com/businesses and register your business. Our representative will contact you within 24 hours.
You can also contact your regional representative in the section ''Contact Us'' located on the top section of this page.
26. How can I communicate with you?
Visit our webpage in the section « Contact Us » to get all our business information. If your question or your comment concerns a product or a service offered by a retailer, we invite you to communicate directly with the retailer. All the contact information for a retailer is available in the offer page.
27. Is my personal information shared?
No, only your name, telephone number and identification code of your purchase will be transmitted to the retailer in order to identify you when you retrieve your purchase.
For all other questions :
Please contact us at:
Email : info@nbshopping.com
Postal address :        120, de l’Église Road
                               Edmundston, N.B.
                               E3V 1K1

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